Bought me some love

I bought me some love on Friday — a new iPod Shuffle.

Probably for the first time ever, I bought a product the day it was released. Local Best Buy had it, and for about $85, I walked out the door with it.

Some observations:

  • Damn, it’s tiny. I mean really, really tiny. Most matchbooks, I should think, are bigger than it.
  • 1GB. That’s still a lot of music to add.
  • Funky connection to USB. One of the better things I bought for my iPod Mini was a wall adapter, to let me plug it in and change it from any free electrical outlet (and yes, it does 110 and 220v). New Shuffle is so damn small that it comes with a special dock and connects through the earphone jack. Shouldn’t be a problem; longer trips and travelling will still be the mainstay of the iPod Mini.

I think this will be an ideal match for this whole marathon notion that’s gotten into my head. Not that I’ve minded running with my iPod Mini, but after 9 or 10 miles, well, it gets noticeable heavy. This new Shuffle could almost swing free and hang from the earphone cord.

Also, God bless Electronic Arts. Their stock hit close to $60 per share on Friday, and I sold. Instance financing for a new iPod Shuffle! I’ll buy them again when they drop back down to the $45 or $50 per share range — good company, you just need to hit them at their highs and lows.

And thank God for Ubuntu. I got up this morning, none the worse for the wear from that Johnny Walker Blue Label we were drinking last night, and fired up Ubuntu. Plugged in that new Shuffle, and Ubuntu recognized it and handled it, no questions asked. Outstanding. I’m a-draggin’ and a-droppin’ some music to it this morning, and then I’ll see about a little 10k or 20k run later, to break ‘er in.

New Shuffle needs a name, though. iPod Mini is Zbigniew, as in Brzezinski. I’m open to nominations.

Scary bloody hand (yes, Photoshop)

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