Oooh, oooh, Autobahn!

Had to go to Frankfurt today, to drop someone off at the airport. Light rain, some traffic going there, but little rain and open roads as I got back on Autobahn 5 to head home.

Before I got the new Mini, I’d heard that Mini’s guidance was “Not above 4000 rpm” which, really, just meant shifting early and following the speed limits in the USA. Well, here in Deutschland, I was told, “Try to keep it under 170 KM/h, and when you go over that, try not to do it for too long.”

Wow, I love Germany.

So, on the way back from the airport, I accepted risk and fired up the video recorder. In this short clip (on YouTube), you can see both what 4000 RPM looks like in 6th gear (about 95 mph), as well as what Mini-Deutschland wants me to do, aka 170 KM/h or about 108 mph.

Yes, this is totally legal. No speed limits on the stretch of road where I was.

And yes, it gets noisy and windy inside the car at 108 mph. Totally cool.

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