Driving home from the weekend, on the ring around Atlanta, I passed a BMW 740i. In 2001, the last year it was made, it cost $62,000 new.


And as I was passing this car, creeping by at 72 miles per hour, one single thought crossed my mind.

This guy is never going to drive this car faster than 100 km/h. OK, maybe, but really, he bought this car knowing that the speed limit in America was going to keep him from really driving it.

So, I have to wonder: In this land of speed limits, does it make any sense to have a car like that, if there’s no chance to ever fully utilize it? (And yes, I see the irony in asking, given that I drive just such a car myself.)

3 thoughts on “740i

  1. I often wonder this myself. At least YOU can say you’ve had YOUR MCS on the Autobahn, on the Nurburgring, etc. It’s still a dream for me to do the same in my MCS…hopefully a dream I’ll realize soon.

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