Culture: Rims

Since getting back to America, I have been going through some culture shock.

One serious issue? Rims.

Rims on a Rolls Royce

They’re on everything. Seriously, that’s a Rolls Royce sporting giant, out of control rims.

I’m taking a lot of photos of a lot of cars with crazy rims. Feel free to follow along, here. As the summer grows longer, so too will the list of cars with rims that I photograph.

Out.  Of.  Control.

3 thoughts on “Culture: Rims

  1. You know what else is crazy? When we left the good ole US of A the Hummer was the biggest (though not as bad ass as it thought it was) thing on the road. Now the H3 is dwarfed by the Ford Expedition and the Chevy something or other really big. Oh, and there’s an SUV called the Armada. That of course makes me think of the Spanish, which leads to the Spanish Inquisition, which leads to Monty Python, which makes me think that the car is really funny and I don’t think that’s what the automaker had in mind.

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