Movie: The Italian Job

It only took 34 years to get around to making another Italian Job movie. What brought that about? The return of the Mini, of course.

This isn’t a sequel, and it’s not a remake, per se. Mark Wahlberg plays Charlie, Donald Sutherland plays his mentor, and the ever beautiful Charlize Theron plays Steller, his daughter and Charlie’s love interest. They go to Italy with a crew to pull off one more job, the one that will let them all get out of the business. And they pull it off — only to have Ed Norton, as Steve, double cross them and take the loot.

Bastard. He even kills of Donald Sutherland’s character, he’s that much of a cold hearted prick.

From there, it’s an issue of trying to steal back the loot. Charlie rounds of a crew of good seconds, and they pull it off. And, true to form, the second half of the movie is the getaway, and the second half of the movie features the Minis.

Wahlberg is OK in this movie. Charlize Theron is smokin’ hot, as always. The one to watch in this movie, though, is Seth Green — he’s awesome as the computer nerd of the bunch.

You don’t need to see the original to enjoy this one. This a good one to put on the Netflix list, for sure. Can’t go wrong with this one.

2 thoughts on “Movie: The Italian Job

  1. the orginal was a good movie good comedy and the line “you are only supposed to blow the bloody doors off” is a sheer classic it has been voted the best on liner in any movie ever. but when it comes to the new one i perosonllly belive that it is to hard to compare the too. they are so different so how they be comaped

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