Movie: The Italian Job

In case you had not heard, I’m on the road today, headed north to Deal’s Gap. Tomorrow, I’ll be driving the Dragon with a bunch of other Minis. Should be good.

So, to honor that glorious event, I decided it was high time to went back and watched The Italian Job again. Yes, the original one.

If you’re not familiar with this one, it is a classic. A classic, and not just because it’s chock full of old Minis, though that does help.

Charlie Croker is out hero, played by Michael Caine of course. He’s just out of prison after a two year stint. No one expects him to go legit.

Charlie is one of those guys who’s just bigger than life. So, when the perfect plan for a heist lands in his lap, no one believes him. Not Charlie Croker. He wants to steal a gold shipment, grabbing the gold when it’s en route. Bold, daring plan.

And Charlies is sooooo groovy in this movie. He’s got to be seen as the source for a big park of the Austin Powers humor. High fashion, groovy clothes, out-there music — this movie is a stylistic masterpiece, a real snapshot of the er.

This movie has two distinct halves. The first half is the plan, the second half is the execution. Yes, it is possible to just skip to the second half and be happy. Because really, the second half is just a giant car chase with Minis.

It is an excitingly cute film, a good story, and a great chase seen. And it has Benny Hill in it, to boot. How can you go wrong with that?

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