6 thoughts on “The Cemetery

  1. Just to help further the complete assimilation, the proper Texan spelling is “ya’ll”. And yes, this stacks. For example, “Ya’ll had better…” can be shortened to “Ya’ll’ed better…” and “Ya’ll are gonna…” becomes “Ya’ll’re gonna…” So, how’s that working for you now?


  2. Ya’ll’er — wow, there’s a whole new cringe level in my life.

    I’m going to try and deliberately use this “phrase”, if I can call it that, in class today.

    $10 says I vomit.

  3. So, in class today, I wrote on the board:

    Worth: 10 points

    Class had been underway for not more than 2 minutes when one of the guys, from Texas no less, properly used it in a sentence.

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