Movie: Eagle Eye

Oh, did you have plans for this weekend?

They just changed. Go see Eagle Eye.

It is the best film I have seen this summer. Seriously. Is it playing at the IMAX near you? OMG, go see that!

I will be the first to say that I always have issues with big brother / super spy / surveillance / espionage films. Always. They always just bug the snot out of me with the little things.

Fine. Check your reality at the door. You’ll have to — it’s not perfect, not in the least bit.

But wow, this movie packs a punch. It is damn near non-stop on-the-go action, and it’s awesome.

OK, in a nutshell (and without giving too much away), Shia LaBeouf (he of Transformers fame) plays Jerry, a somewhat loser. Nice enough guy, but not really going anywhere, as indicated by his steady work at Copy Cabana as a Copy Associate. Yeah, he’s that good. He comes home from another stellar day at Copy Cabana, to find his crappy apartment filled with guns, high tech military gear, and other oddities, like ammonium nitrate.

And his life just goes to hell.

The phone rings. It’s a woman. He’s been activated.

Which is fine. So has Rachel (Michelle Monaghan as the ultimate girl next door). And while legal threats keep Jerry movie, Rachel is motivated by concerns for the safety of her son. Yes, the mysterious lady on the phone will go to those lengths to control people, to do her bidding.

Our two heroes are being driven in this frantic pace, towards what might be heroism or terrorism — there’s just no way to tell. But the two of them are sure put through the ringer in the fast paced, hell on wheels race to find out.

And to be honest, I didn’t figure it out until almost the very end — pretty much just a hair before I think the audience is suppose to figure it out. I had an inkling, but to be honest, the fast pace and awesome storyline kept my mind on what was happening, not big picture “what if” kinds of things. And that doesn’t happen enough in movies these days.

Great performance by these two. Billy Bob Thorton plays the main FBI guy trailing them, and he does a fantastic job, too. He gets the best punch lines an delivers them just right — he’s enough of a smart ass to still be believable as an FBI guy. Michael Chiklis, who you’ll recognize (I hope) from either the Fantastic 4 movies or from TV (The Shield of The Commish), plays the SecDef with just the right spin. Granted, he’s no Donald Rumsfeld, but he is very, very good in this. Not Oscar worthy (no one in this really is), but he adds a lot to the depth of the characters and the feasibility of the tale.

So, yeah. Seriously, go see this. Best movie I have seen all summer. Go see it on IMAX if you can. This and Iron Man are the two movies of the summer worth buying on DVD / Blu-Ray.

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