HMMC and Tantalus

K and the kids and I headed off this AM for coffee with the Hawaii Mini Motoring Club. I’d been in touch with some of the gang online, so it was a chance to say hello and put faces to names, and to ask a ton of questions.


Today was, apparently, the smallest gathering in known history. We counted maybe 15 or 18 Minis. Last month, they did a drive across the island — 51 Minis.

While there, a few of the folks said, “Oh, you should go drive up to Tantalus. It’s really pretty.”

So we did.

K fired up the GPS while I drove, and plugged in Honolulu and then Round Top Road. That worked. The area was described as Tantalus, but they were specific — the road is actually Round Top Road. It goes up through a residential area, and then into Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park (here).

2 x picnic areas

And it is beautiful. The drive is on a mediocre road, but it gets up into thick foliage — very jungle-like, the kids told us. And the view from where we had lunch was wonderful.

Jungle-like, the kids say

The Road

The view from lunch

That’s Diamond Head across the way, and then the city of Waikiki below.


I make a Google Earth file (here). The orange route is the one we took to get there. It leads across Oahu and up to the park and where we had lunch. The purple route is the rest of the drive — what we took to come back down off of the mountain.

Nice drive to get there. Great view. Great picnic areas. Good bathrooms, too. Easy to get to. We packed our lunch for the trip, but hey, I’d go there just to eat a sandwich from Subway. This is worth visiting, and worth taking visitors to.

6 thoughts on “HMMC and Tantalus

  1. Our coffee gatherings are actually usually small. Our cruises though are much bigger. Looks like you had some haze up there, usually it’s amazingly blue (sky and ocean). You folks have access to Schofield so if you haven’t already, you should cruise Kolekole Pass.


  2. Now you need to do Tantalus late in the day. Drive up to the top and come down slowly as the sun sets. When you see the lights of Honolulu you will understand the inspiration for the song “Honolulu City Lights” by the Beamer Brothers.


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