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Pretty funny article, here (Darth Vader?s ?Management? Secrets). It’s a tongue in cheek look at Darth Vader, and the public perception of him.

But, I gotta add something. As a long time Army guy, I think I know a little bit about management – I’ve certainly seen enough examples of good and bad, if you insist on excluding experience and training. And I know a bit about Star Wars — I watched the series again this summer, back to back over 6 days, and blogged about it, here. Let me see if I can add something to all this.

1. Doing right can be harder than doing wrong. The senate legally appointed an emperor – remember that? They handed over to him all the power, in order to suppress the brewing rebellion. Nothing illegal in them doing that — though some argue there was elaborate politicking and shenanigans involved it setting it all up. But it was legal. The Jedi Knights and their council decided to abandon their oaths to the Republic, over the issue of a man. They chose the easy wrong. Anakin, before become Vader, chose the hard right – he sided with the Republic, even when things were at their worse. Of course, he also slaughtered the kids training at Jedi U, but hey, we all have our personal faults and flaws.

Darth Mail

2. Sometimes, the masters are wrong. Even the experts screw up. The Jedi abandoned the Republic — it was a decision they made, as no one had a gun to their head making them do it. It was choice. And they chose wrong. Unfortunately, everyone saw them make that choice, and they had to deal with the repercussions (some days, it sucked to be a Jedi, huh?)


3. Know your beliefs, and be comfortable with them. With the Sith in control of the Republic (for good or for bad), and the Jedi on the run or just plain dead, Vader was the most visible sign of the Force that the regular Joe had. Remember those scenes with him almost being taunted by subordinates, when they were building the Death Star? Darth knew and understood his beliefs, and was OK with the fact that his mastery of the Force was different than that of others, and he was OK with it. He was also OK with choking people – not always a good management skill.

I believe my hat looks nice.

4. Move past your personal differences. It’s important to be willing to move past personal feelings, animosity, etc. That feeling of hatred and rage and all that crap works for only so long. At some point, you’ve got to bury the hatched and make things right — like with your son right before you cut off his hand.

Let's be friends

5. Understand what is important to you. Darth was all about the Death Star. All about it. So much so that he likely bankrupted the Republic building it — not just once, but twice. How important was the Death Star to ol’ Darth? Apparently, very important.

Oh, yeah

6. Know when to keep it on the down-low. That secret office romance? Needs to be secret. No hand holding. No long stares. No slappin’ that ass. And no large bulges — for either of you.

On the down low, low, low

7. Seriously, keep your daughter under control if she’s going into the same line of work. If not, things can go wrong — for you, for her, for teenage boys everywhere.

Oh, Leia

3 thoughts on “On Vader / Anakin

  1. My thoughts:

    1. Did the Republic appoint an Emperor? I don’t really think so. He fed them lies and basically told them, “This is the New Galactic Empire”… (remember. “This is how liberty dies. With Thundering Applause”) I think most of the Republic was just 100% invested in this shady character and would believe anything he told them. And since he basically told them the Jedi were criminals and out to get them, and look at how they disfigured me, blah blah blah, they bought it. They were sheep. The only ones who did question it were Padme and her little band of rebels (and the Jedi).

    2. Did the Jedi leave the Republic altogether? Were they ever a part of it? I know they didn’t trust the Chancellor (and rightly so), but were they part of the Republic? Or were they always their own entity? I never saw a little Senate seat for the Jedi. Palpatine wanted them dead. He wanted ultimate power. He manipulated Anakin, and destroyed the Jedi. I don’t know if that constitutes “leaving the Republic.” (Does this mean I’m going to have to watch Sith again?)

    3. I just wanted to point out that I’ve seen that helmet in person, as well as the rest of the Vader Project.

    4. It always bothered me that he did that crap to his own son. WTH?

    5. Was it? He wasn’t the engineer, it was the Separatists… I guess, it’s possible, that when he lost everything, he had to pour his energy into something.

    6. Funny. (Although, I don’t think Vader can actually get it up anymore. Sad.)

    7. LOL Cute. You found a way to work in that picture. (If I get my abs in the shape I want, that will be my Halloween costume, btw.) 🙂

    Alright, I’ve spent way too much time being a geek this morning. Happy Sunday.

  2. 1. They did. Jar jar Banks of people (my least favorite character of anything every made) made the nomination, to suspend the constitution and proclaim him emperor. And the Senate said OK. Shame on them for doing so.

    2. Jedi were clearly a part of the Republic. They served it, and readily admitted it. They served as emissaries / ambassadors for it, too – Star Wars II. And they had the Academy — which I am guessing, based on location, cost a pretty penny to run and which, I am guessing the Republic paid for. The Jedi were not Senators, but the Jedi and the Jedi Council served the Republic — or so they claimed. (I’ve had my doubts — I think they were a bunch of self-serving pricks)


    4. What is often overlooked is when he learned Luke was his son. Rewatch the series, and you’ll see the shift in him when he learns this. Suddenly, he wants to bring his son to their side — which, because there can only be two Sith at any given time, means that Darth is willing to forsake his master / Emperor in order to reach out to his son. Ballsy.

    5. Darth made it clear that he had a personal connecting to the completion of the project. It was likely because he was the #2 man for the Empire — I think he saw it as his obligation. But what the hell do I know about military command crap anyway.

    6. Well, I was referring to when he and Queen Hottie Momma were keeping it secret.

    7. And if I get my abs in shape, I am totally wearing that outfit for Xmas, too. Totally.

  3. 1. Well, Binks was a puppet. Also, remember he said, “The power you give me I will lay down when this crisis is abated.” Liar.

    2. So, when did they leave the Republic?

    4. I don’t need to rewatch. I think I’ve seen these movies at least 20 – 30 times in the last year or two. In Jedi, both the Emperor and Vader are both vying for Luke to be their apprentice, which is interesting. (Note that Vader says the same thing to Padme before the big battle with Obi-Wan “And together we can rule the galaxy.”)

    5. Yeah, well, I can’t say that I blame either one of them for that. 🙂

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