One Saturday Morning

This morning, my son and I got up early and slipped out of the house. We headed up to Tantalus (more), above Waikiki, to take some photos for the 24Hour World project. My guess had been that I’d be able to get a good photo of Diamond Head and Waikiki, but low and behold, the best photo of the day was this one, that he took.

At Tantalus, overlooking Diamond Head
At Tantalus, overlooking Diamondhead

That’s Diamond Head in the background, and beyond it is the Pacific. I could not be further from Iraq, even if I tried — physically, emotionally, or mentally. If this is what turning 40 is suppose to feel like, I can say that it’s a good thing.

One thought on “One Saturday Morning

  1. Amazing what kids can do with electronics isn’t it?! Great photo!

    Welcome to the “Forty isn’t a dirty word Club”…the members are mature but still full of life!

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