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Now that the marathon is behind me, block leave has come and gone, and the new year is just about here, I am starting to look forward to 2010 and what it may bring. I don’t know yet if I will be packing out again, to go back to Iraq or maybe Afghanistan, but I suspect it will. Worst case it will. But I do know one thing — I want to get out and run more in 2010.

Getting ready for the Honolulu Marathon, for me, was less about the marathon itself and more about the running. I ran in Iraq, I ran in Hawai’i, I ran in Oregon and even some up in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead. I ran and ran and ran, mainly to deal with the stress of being either in Iraq, or of coming home and trying to adjust to something of a normal life.

But that was then. That was what got me to the marathon two weeks ago. I am soooooo past that now.

Now, I want to see Oahu.

So I am making plans. At the library last week, I picked up and spent some time flipping through A Runners Guide to O’ahu. When I saw it on the shelf, I thought just for a moment that it might be just what I needed. Well, it wasn’t, but it was a good start. It seems more focused on the running than on the island — and I want to see the island and all her beauty, using runs as the means.

With a little help from Google Earth and the wife, I have a small list of places to go and runs to see. And I am sure that list will grow and change over the coming year. I have no idea how many runs I will make, or how many places I will visit, or how well I will do blogging it all. But I’ll give it a short. There’s just too much on this island to see, too many places of such amazing beauty.

I’ll probably write them up as best I can, to post here on the site. I need to think through some of the basic things I will need to cover about every run — where to park, how to rate them, etc. I should be able to provide GPS data for them all, since I tend to run with my Garmin. And I should be able to make a Google Earth file for each on, too, to share more information as well. So far, I’ve started to play with the EveryTrail site (my stuff is here), to see how best to represent the data and fuse the GPS data to the photos. I may put some of the stuff onto that site as well, and talk about it on Facebook, too, but will likely try to point folks here to this address.

A year from now, I hope to have collected the information that I was hoping to find this month. I want to run trails and valleys, ridges and bike paths. I want to see the many facets of the island, her beauty and her various climates, and find a way to tell others about them while encouraging people to get out and run for the fun and adventure of it. Who knows, maybe I’ll have some luck with it. And who knows, maybe I’ll package it all up in a year and port it to the Kindle or something.

At some point, I’ll probably post my running ideas; I’m still working up that list. By all means, chime in if there are things that you think are worth seeing or visiting on a run.

3 thoughts on “Running O’ahu

  1. My middle daughter uses a Garmin ETrek Venture HC and yesterday was able to interface with Google earth for her hike up in Tucson Mountain Park. Very cool to mark her points and be able to see her accomplishments with respect to terrain.

  2. No marathon-specific comments, but from somebody who was in Hawaii (at MCAS Kaneohe Bay), your pictures make me smile… they’re gorgeous and yet they have the “realness” that says they’re not necessarily photographically planned pictures, but instead actually capture the island. Haven’t finished the site, but I suppose I couldn’t convince you to go to Okinawa for me? 😉

    Peace and (even thought it pertains to me and not you…) Semper Fi.

    ps… found you thru your wife actually… am trying to learn to be the first former WM who does beadwork 😉

  3. Great ideas! You could self-publish via Lulu or Blurb, but it seems you are looking for something ultimately more interactive and high tech. I’ll be eager to see your progress. I bet there is a big market for this kind of info — especially through military folks who might come to the island for a short period of time. (Like my husband.)

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