Top Winter Survival Tools and Tactics

In keeping with all the recent press and concerns about safety this winter, I thought it high-time I shared my thoughts about winter survival this year.

1. Dress appropriately. Good grief, Charlie Brown — so many terrible accidents could be prevented if people would just learn to dress appropriately for the conditions. That shirt can come off it’s too hot, and with that color, it can be left just about anywhere on this island and it will be perfectly camouflaged — perfect for stashing and retrieving later. And those long baggy shorts? It things just get out of hand, they’d be perfect for going commando.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. If you can, well, go barefoot. But if you’re going to be someplace adventurous, or some place where their might be sharp rocks or something, at least bring them along in case no one is looking and you want to wear them for a little bit. It’s best if they’re small and lightweight, so if you see someone, you can take them off quickly and chuck them.

3. Prepare for the worst weather imaginable. Really. Because you never know when mother nature is going to rise up and try to smite everyone. There’s nothing worse than feeling a little bit chilly, when it like drops down into the high 70’s or something crazy like that, and you slip up and say something. Or if it rains, and it gets in your eyes and stuff.

4. Bring life sustaining nourishment with you. You never know where or when you might get stuck, and there’s nothing worse than being without in a time of need.

5. Pack enough, in case you’re stuck for a while. It’s easy to think that nothing bad will happen, or if it does happen, that everything will be ok soon enough. But really, you could be stuck somewhere for a while — pack enough.

6. Do what you can to prepare for a rescue. The time to think through these worst case situations is before they happen, not after. If you’re really in a jam, you’re going to want to be ready to help out your rescuers when they do get to you.

7. Plan for what you’d do if you were without power for a long period of time. Losing power can bring that sense of helplessness — what do I do now? Who will look after my crops in Farmville?

8. Plan for back up communications. If your cable goes down, how will you update your status? Know which neighbors have open WiFi, and for those that don’t, crack their WEP ahead of time, before you need it. Because who wants to go all the way to Starbucks for WiFi?

Do this, and you should be able to survive the worst that Hawai’i has to offer. I think the kids and I will be rehearsing this all weekend long.

9 thoughts on “Top Winter Survival Tools and Tactics

  1. I love it! My high school buddies in NY would probably hunt me down if I posted this. Therefore, I will link to it on Facebook!

  2. Art, you are a bad, bad man and, for this, your karma will find balance. Just remember to watch out for hypothermia and thanks for the great chuckle.


  3. Too funny! We’re having freezing rain here at the moment, so it’s all about trying not to slide when driving…. wheeeeeeeeeee

  4. Well, at 5:30 pm it’s still 79 degrees at the house. And the cat wants to snuggle — which would be nice if he were hairless or something. Too hot for anything other than a cold beer and a turkey sandwhich, and the kids are asking for ramen — yes, hot liquid with noodles in it. Ugh.

  5. I love it! We’re into the 70’s during the day, which sure beats the snow and driving on icey streets. I’m lovin’ desert living.

  6. Thank you for sharing this useful information which is completely appropriate here in Los Angeles where it is 75 degrees. And I really needed a laugh today.

  7. I know how hard this can be. We have to turn the heater on if it gets below 65 here. I’m so glad that it’s staying right up there at 72 all day. And the nights, just enough crispness for and extra fleece.

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