The other day on twitter, I joked that humor was one of the 5 pillars of our marriage. Erin Stevenson asked about the other 4. So, I named & explained them. I think it’s a decent read, worth preserving.

@MrsStevensonSS OK, so here is the #unionchat – the 5 pillars of happiness in our 25 years together. Should work for all unions, lawsBdamned

@MrsStevensonSS If it’s OK, I’ll use P1, P2 etc for the pillars, since, you know, thats what we use anyway. and the #unionchat is untaken

@MrsStevensonSS P1: Humor. Together, we laugh about everything. Our humor is boundless. I want to share all of the funnies with her. Truly.

@MrsStevensonSS P1 cont. I don’t think there’s anything that we won’t later gather to find humor in. Birth, death, war, grief. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P1 In part because, deep down, we’re both still like 6 y/o. It keeps us positive. Joyous. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P2 is beer / chocolate. It’s in part because we’re still hunters/gatherers, but also because life is sweet. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P2 And both aren’t easy to stumble onto. we make neither. We rely on others. There’s good, bad beer & chocolate. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P2 But the quest for fair to good to great beer, choc makes our travels together wonderful. Hunt, gather in fun #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P2 And with great rewards. Find something, I think first of her as the one with whom i want to share. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P3 is travel & adventure. For us, the world is so small. The river broad, deep, swift. We aren’t stagnant. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P3 travel & adventures have helped keep us close, bonded for all these years, through shared experiences. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P3 Those experiences that have grown to include, in some diff ways, our kids. Not the same ways tho. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P3 The greater number of unique experiences she & I share, the closer we’re tied as humans, unique from others. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P3 No one has, could go, see, do what we have. Our experiences are unparalleled. These makes us, us. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P4 is have your own thing. Or things. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P4 Mine started with work, after our union. I had to leave it at work – you know, laws and stuff. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P4 But she quilts. I later took to running. we each have things that are ours. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P4 This has allowed growth, together, but alone. I love, admire, hear about what she is doing, love. She, same. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS If I had nothing of my own, no room to grow, I would be smothered. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P4 But through these little things, we grow together. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P4 And I want to tell her all about what I am doing of course. She rolls her eyes, naturally. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P5 is learning to cook together. There is something wholly different about preparing food together. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P5 Some say that Americans are losing the art of making food. Maybe. But this grows on the hunt/gather theme. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS Warm fire, different seasonings, spices gathered during travels & adventures – to make great from what little…#unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P5 you had when you started. Learning to cook exotic vegetables, meats, beans, rices. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P5 and learning to make things you both like, but moreso, the things she likes. Because I want to. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS P5 Two cooking in a tiny kitchen is either like close quarters combat, or snuggling on a bear skin rug. #unionchat

@MrsStevensonSS There you have them. Five pillars of our successful union. My wife is amazing, our love grows with every rain. #unionchat

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