The Mixtape Project

This summer, I will drive west across America twice. The first time will be in early May, when I head to Portland (probably via Los Angeles) in order to spend 4-6 weeks setting up the new house and some job hunting. The second time will be in late July, when the family drive to Portland for good.

Driving across America is a long, long drive. There’s no other way to put it. It’s pretty, there’s a lot to see and do, but damn, it’s a long drive.

So, help me (and us) out – make us a mix tape.

Both of the cars in which we’re making the drive, have CD players. We’ll have our phones with us, sure, and I am sure we will listen to the music we have loaded onto our own phones a lot, but some variety would be good.

Here are some ideas on how to do this.

Simplest way: send me a list of songs and an Apple gift card. I’ll go buy the songs and put it together myself. Boom, done. An 80 minute audio CD can probably hold no more than 20 songs – pick your songs, pick dollar amount, and email me a gift card for the amount of your choosing: . That’s an easy one.

The Data solution: use the Stayed Up All Night website. For some of the drives, we’ll have access to anywhere from fair to great data connections. So, make is a mixtape at (select songs available from places like YouTube and Soundcloud), and send us that link. We’ll stream it from the site – when we have good bandwidth. And when I am in rural nowhere, I will curse you and AT&T.

An Actual CD. Yes, make an actual 80 minute CD of music, and mail it to us. Yes, feel free to make a cheesy label, and yes, feel free to make cheesy liner notes. I am actually expecting this. Bonus points it you actually include your own voice somewhere on the CD – an intro, some closing remarks – hell, go full radio DJ and talk in between the songs. Have fun.

The Full Monty. Make a CD of MP3s, as in, make a full mix CD of 700mb of music, carefully curated. The ultimate, mega mix tape. One of you has to be up to this challenge. 700mb is a lot to work with – go crazy. Have a ball. Turn it up to 11. Bonus points if you mix the songs into a single MP3 file, so we can’t skip around and have to listen to it all exactly as you intend. And yes, MP3 – the Mini (at least) will only play MP3s, so if you send something else, I will have to convert it over, no matter what.

Questions? Ask.

One thought on “The Mixtape Project

  1. I can hardley turn my computer on – but – let me know if you or the fam will be in STL….happy to have you crash. 🙂

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