NaNoWriMo and my Army career

I’m using November 2015 to participated in #NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month. It’s suppose to be a month in which to bang out 50k words towards a novel, using a lot of great tools and formulas from this great and structured program, but I’m a rebel – I’m going to try and put down 50k (or more) words about my time in the Army. Stories I Should Tell, I’m calling it.

So, here’s the question to you: what are you favorite Art in the Army stories, that just have to be included?

You don’t need to scream, “AIRBORNE BARBIE!” because that’s a forgone conclusion. That has to be in there.

Yes, Joe Biden. Got it.

There’s stuff from this blog, that I will likely convert over for inclusion, like my January 2009 blog entry about everyday heroism in combat (I loooove that blog entry) that so few others probably even remember, I wouldn’t expect anyone to bring it up. But maybe someone will say, You have to talk about Jessica Lynch. Or, You have to talk about IBOL. Or Anne’s cookies. Or mentoring. Or what running did for you and your PTSD.

Maybe there are stories you’ve heard me tell, when we’ve sat around and had a beer or six. Or there are things about my Army career that you know that just need to be included.  But say something now – speak up. Let me know. I’m writing and writing and writing – it’s just pouring out, and I’m forgetting things, missing things, realizing afterwards that I forgot to include things and wonder if they’re even worth including (and just this second, realized I didn’t include the story from Basic Training of sweating so much during breakfast in the chow hall, after a 10 or so mile ruck march, that I made a small lake under the chair / table and actually spooked the hell out of my Drill Sergeants. “Private, just what in the hell IS THAT?” *mouth full of food, as I shovel more in as fast as I can* “That’s my sweat, Drill Sergeant.”)

Whatever it is, I am asking for input. Please.

9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and my Army career

  1. Don’t waste a second of your precious time wondering if something is worth being included. At this point EVERYthing gets included. You’re already on fire! See ya at the finish line 🙂

  2. If you’re going to cover what running did for you and your PTSD, you also need to cover your hip, before running and after running. Also, how you ended up leading an expedition to run a marathon, of course.

  3. Jenny, as of tonight, I’m past 13k original words. I have another 21k in an appendix, the book I hand-wrote for my dad in 2004 as I was finishing my second tour in Iraq. I’m not worried about thinking things shouldn’t be included, but 1) there are stories I straight-up can’t tell, and 2) there are some I’m outright forgetting.

  4. Yeah, there’s this gray area about the running. The hip has to make it in there, for sure. I suppose the bull story could make it in there – I was on official travel when that happened.

    Someday, I just need to write a different book, about my life and running. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from my running, and a lot of lessons I have learned from my running, and a lot of funny things associated with it, too. But hip and the bull story would both be good.

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