The Chilcot Report

Professionally, I do a lot of work on the decision to go to war with Iraq. That involved a lot of work with now-declassified documents pertaining to Iraq, its alleged nuclear, biological and chemical programs in the 1990s, efforts to procure something called yellowcake, alleged connections to al-Qaeda, and so on. I read books, I watch videos, I study memoirs, and I swim through history.

This morning, the British government finished and posted to its website (here) a 6505 page, 6.5 million word report summarizing British involvement in Iraq, from the run-up and decision to invade, to the withdrawal in 2009. They released it as 58 files.

I’m going to be using this tome in a lot of my classes, I suspect. So, I assembled it into a single book, and am attaching it here on my own server. I did the same onto our school server, too – our students are going to need access to it as a book. But folks out there are going to be searching for the Chilcot report as a single PDF, I’m sure, looking to see if the Iraq Inquiry report has been converted over somehow, somewhere into book form.

It has. If no one else has done it, fine, I did. Add it to your kindle, add it to your iPad. Read away and enjoy, offline, on a beach somewhere. Annotate away, to your hearts content.


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