Internships as a college student

One of the best things I did as a college student was to go to Washington DC between my junior and senior year and go to work for the US Department of State.  It was a complete game-changer of an experience.

And now that I am teaching college, I am talking with students about the role internships can play in helping them decide their own futures.  So, here – let me share some links.

In this case, I have gone after and listed ones from the Intelligence Community, since – you know – that’s the kind of thing I teach these days.  But many other federal agencies have programs like these.

In many cases – as with the CIA program, for example – applications for summer 2017 internships are coming to a close, and soon.  That’s happening for some as soon as a month from now.  For as important as things are, put a a corresponding amount of effort to it.

And here, I have only included links to programs for internships and programs for colleges students.  Many of these agencies also have other programs for Veterans and in some cases, additional programs for Wounded Warriors specifically.  As I tell students – if you’re interested enough in a program like this, you know, use the phone in your pocket and make some actual phone calls to some actual humans and get some actual answers.  There’s a lot to be learned that isn’t on a website.

I will close with this.  For anyone considering looking into something like one of these, well, talk it over with your adviser and with any other mentor you have. Seek counsel. There is no right answer, but the process of discussing it should be a healthy process that leads you towards a healthy decision making process.  For, after all, it is your decision to make.

Questions? Please – leave me a comment.  I love this stuff.

(Note: For me, my internship did a few things. I was able to see behind the curtain, so to speak, and see that it was indeed what I wanted to do. It’s one thing to think that intelligence sounds like the kind of work you’d like to do, but it’s another thing to get a chance to see it and experience it, in order to decide. Also, I obtained my first security clearance – that made the process of finding work after college that much faster. I also found a wise mentor to help guide me through that first transition out of college and into the workforce – that was an amazing gift. And lastly, I came back to college for my senior year and hit my courses like a ton of bricks. Hot damn, I knew where I was going in life.)


2 thoughts on “Internships as a college student

  1. Okay, Art (aka Mr. IBOL)! My granddaughter thinks she wants to become a forensic psychologist. She’s heading into her senior year in high school. Any good advice for her? BTW, I enjoy continuing to read about your travels through life here!

  2. Nancy, I sent you an email. But really, why not start off as an intern at a local office of, say, the FBI before heading off to the DC office?

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