Laurelhurst Park – Scyther Nest

The Laurelhurst Park in NE Portland is a Scyther nest. Spanning from the Pokestop where SE 33rd meets SE Pine streets, across the park to where SE Cesar Chavez Blvd crosses SE Ash St., those little buggers can be found just about everywhere in the park, north of SE Oak Street.

What do I mean by nest? I mean you can very likely catch 4 of a specific but uncommon Pokemon in a 60 minute period. That is what I mean by a nest.


There’s also a nice loop, waking from where SE 33rd meets SE Pine streets, along the north side of the lake to where SE Cesar Chavez Blvd meets SE Ash St., before turning right to come back down towards SE Oak Street and following the path along it back to SE Pine Street.


Screenshot 2016-08-12 07.45.05And in looking at the Ingress structure underneath, there’s a pretty even spread of portals across the area – no major area in which portals appear in Ingress in which they did not carry over to Pokemon Go. Of note is the one Portal along SE 33rd, which is also where – in Ingress – a mission for the game begins.  This came, in some places, also have a different effect on game play, but I’ve not seen or heard of that happening on Laurelhurst Park. There definitely is Pokemon spawning all the way out near that Pokestop, for sure, though.

Here’s a photo from 20 July – right before they reset the server, when the park was a Jinx next, and you couldn’t turn around without running into one. It was also the day that Pokemon Go launched in Japan and the servers went to hell and I couldn’t catch a single one of them. #frustrating


In addition to having more scythers now that you’ll now what to do with, there’s also a great place to sit and grind, with the small park on the South side of SE Oak Street. There, you’ll find three Pokestops in close proximity, at a kids playground. There are sooooo many parents who now take there kids there to play, and then drop lures on the three Pokestops and just sit and catch Pokemon. It’s a great spot for doing just that. Great place to grind.

SE Oak StreetPlayground

Kids being kids

If you’re going to drive there, set your GPS to 3789 Southeast Oak Street, Portland, OR 97214. There’s good shade parking on Oak Street.

If you need food after, there are some great food trucks at 4255 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215.

Dog friend? Yep. There is a dog run in Laurelhurst.
Kid friendly? Yep.
420 friendly? From the smell of things, people seem to think so.


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