Sellwood Riverfront Park – Pikachu Nest

Sellwood Riverfront Park is an open dog run park, with a great walking path around it, that features more than half a dozen Pokestops know for dispensing a high rate of various balls. Oh, and it’s the local nesting place for Pikachu.

What do I mean by nest? I mean you can very likely catch 4 of a specific but uncommon Pokemon in a 60 minute period. That is what I mean by a nest.

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Sellwood Riverfront ParkThis is Sellwood Riverfront Park (left). It’s adjacent to the Sellwood Bridge, and on the road to the Oaks Amusement Park. It’s best known as a dog run.  That pond? It’s got some rare frogs in it. But it has some great access to the riverfront, some picnic tables, green space, and it’s pretty. Oh, and six pokestops.



Sellwood Riverfront ParkFrom space, it looks more like this (images on the right). It’s pretty open – lots of space for kids, but really dogs, to run around. And to the north, it’s bordered by trees. The parking lot the south is pretty big, but it’s used by everyone as a staging ground – kayaking, cycling, running, walking, you name it. The park is a great jumping-off point for so many activities.

PikachuOne of the great things about the Sellwood Riverfront Park is that it is a known nest for Pikachu – a Pokemon that so many people know and love, but one that is so often hard to find. And here at the park, it shows up with some regularity.  The nest is associated with the pokestop at the far end of the parking lot, near the rest rooms. Pikachu, when it appears, will show up generally in the lower half of the parking lot or on the other side of that pokestop, along the path. It’s almost – almost – always in and around the immediate area.

If you’re at the Sellwood Riverfront Park and you see Pikachu show up on the radar in the app, head back to the bathrooms. Start your search from their – either closer to the river, or halfway up the parking lot. You’ll have 10, maybe 15 minutes at most.

Parking LotI’ve seen – and talked to players who have seen it too – a couple of instances when Pikachu has temporarily spawned closer to the other pokestop  that is along the river. But in those instances – from what I have seen and in talking to others – Pikachu gives you a chance or two with a ball, at most, before fleeing. There’s something different about those instances.

I had one day at Sellwood Riverfront Park in which Pikachu did not show up on the radar at all. Not one. Pikachu spawned at regular intervals, but just never showed up on the radar. Spawned at the same, regular places. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. No radar warning. It was weird that day.

Screenshot 2016-08-12 08.19.24

As for the Ingress infrastructure at Sellwood Riverfront Park, running under the Pokemon Go there, it mirrors the Pokemon Go, for once. The portal in the lower left, that’s the portal that is associated with the Pikachu nest – and there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it.

This is a good place to catch Pikachu.

This isn’t a good place to try to lure three pokestops and soak up the benefits – they are barely close together. It’s an OK place to grind.

It’s a good place to catch water Pokemon.

It’s a good place to re-stock on balls.

If you’re going to drive, point your car to Sellwood Riverfront Park, Southeast Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR.

If you want good eats in the area, I like Feastworks Deli (map), my son likes Killer Burger (map), and for sushi, we all like Saburos (map).

Dog friend? Yep.
Kid friendly? Yep.
420 friendly? Nope. Along the river? Totally.

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  1. Awesome article–so detailed! When I hit up the park today, I knew exactly what to expect and was able to get the last few Pikachu I needed for my Raichu AND to help a fellow trainer who was already there looking for the pikachu at the triple lure. Thanks for doing the detective work!

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