Mentoring: Modeling for others

I say all the time, model the behavior you want to see in others.

Some of the time, I am talking to or with students, about the challenges in growing up. But often, I am talking with teachers and other educators about the struggles we ourselves face, in continuing our own personal and professional development.

The Aion
This is Justin Aion, of course. @JustinAion

We can sit around, and wait for the world to come to us with what it thinks should happen to us or for us. Or we can start to have the effect we want to see.

That’s especially true with mentoring. In K-12 education, mentors are assigned, they’re for first year and maybe 2nd year teachers, and they follow you around with a clipboard. And they are, almost to a T, a waste of time.

In my former tribe, if you read our literature, it isn’t that we think, we know that mentoring comes from relationships that are voluntary and mutual.

So, get out there. Be supportive. Talk with your peers, talk with your friends, talk in your professional networks about the things you’ve done, the experiences you’ve had, your expertise, your passions.

Because as you move through your own life and look at these next 5, 10, even 20 years of personal and professional development, you’re going to want and need to find others willing to share just the same.

Show them how it’s done. Model that behavior.

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