The things you love

Our discussion today was about happiness. How do you find happiness in 40+ hours of the same thing, day in, day out, week in, week out. Don’t find a job, find a profession. Embrace the whole of it, not just the job you have today. Be ready to take on and embrace all the different facets, over the course of your career – fuel the passion of it all. Yes, do all of the other important stuff – love, hobbies, exercise, pay cash, eat better. But find the profession first, so you can have jobs within it. Bad boss?

Army / Culture / Family / etc.

The sound of gunfire

Alone, I can’t change American culture and this strange relationship we have with guns and ammunition. There are so many different things that America could do, to change the levels of gun violence in America, and the numbers of events of school shootings in our country. But this isn’t small problem, these solutions aren’t tiny ones, either, and I’m afraid that I haven’t come upon one yet that I can implement myself, which will bring national, regional, or cultural change. But what I can do is model the behavior I want to see. The behavior I want to see in


About Leelah

Leelah Alcorn killed herself on Sunday. Her family wouldn’t accept her for her she was. Her suicide note, left on Tumblr, is sad, tragic, pointed, and making a lot of people emotional and judgmental. I sent to my own two kids this article and told them I wanted to talk about this article after they’d read it. And, separately, I talked with each of them, telling them two things. 1. As parents, we have unconditional love for them. Our job is to help guide them in their journey to become awesome adults and responsible citizens, but is just that