Hiking / SNP

Hiking Shenandoah: Jones Mountain Cabin

Summary: Hidden away along the eastern edge of the middle section of the park, the Staunton River Trail hike to Jones Mountain Cabin is one of the hidden treasures of the Shenandoah National Park. In 1500 feet, the trail ascends along a nice, well maintained route along the picturesque babbling brook before heading up the ridge to the cabin. The Good: At 7 miles, and as a not very strenuous hike, most folks should be able to make it out to the cabin and back in 4 hours or under. It’s walking — no scrambling over rocks, no trying

Hiking / Oahu

Tripler Ridge to Haʻikū Stairs

What’s not to love about a mid-week hike up a Hawaiian mountain ridge, across treacherous and perilous cliff faces, to a WWII era communications site and the almost-4000 rickety stairs that take you down a seriously steep cliff to the valley below? My good fortune this week was to do just such a hike, and I loved every minute of it.