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iPhones, locations, and the dreaded curse of… Windows

My sister asked me for help, and I am at a loss for answers. Their friend took an iPhone to Europe, and took a lot of photos as they traveled. When they view and edit the photos on the iPhone, the phone displays the embedded geolocation information (in the form of latitude / longitude) with an approximation of the nearest city of town – Bergen, Norway, as an example.

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Bike riding in Ka’ena Point State Park

The kids and I drove up to the North Shore, to go to Ka’ena Point State Park for a bike ride. I had crazy hopes that we’d actually ride all the way out to the point there, but we didn’t even come close. Knowing that the “road” from the south had washed out some years ago (great description of that route, here), I figured / hoped we’d do okay on the dirt road on the north side. And by road, I mean something that looks like this: There’s always been a road around the whole island, it’s just that

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If not Handbrake, what?

Got a DVD that is just plain ornery? Won’t submit to the power of Handbrake? You’ve found an oddity, for sure. Handbrake is known for being able to chew through just about anything. Sure enough, though, I came across one such SOB yesterday. It would kill Handbrake every time I asked it to even look at it. Forget actually converting it — Handbrake would barf up a hairball and quit just scanning this DVD. So, I turned the job over to Mac The Ripper, to convert the DVD to files on my hard drive. Then I asked Toast 9


iPhone 2.1 and Quickpwn

I decided to bite the bullet tonight and upgrade the software on my iPhone. Doing that, of course, re-locks the phone and means that my SIM chip and phone number won’t work. Which is fine — I can unlock it / jailbreak it. Why upgrade the software if it re-locks it and means I have to re-jailbreak it? Well, version 2.1 is said to impact battery life. Which is good. When the upgrades come out, I don’t do them immediately, but wait to read 1) what’s in the upgrade (and is it worth it), and 2) how many hours

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Automating from YouTube to my iPhone

I’ve had this crazy idea for a while now, and for some unknown reason, I started working on it tonight. I want to be able to surf around YouTube, find a video that I like, mark it in some way (probably as a favorite), and have it magically show up in my iTunes, ready to synch to my iPhone. I’ve figured out a bit of this using Yahoo Pipes. I can grab my YouTube favorites page, and can sift through it some using the Pipes tools. I’m trying to find how to pull from it just the URL’s for

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iPhone: When do we get batch files?

Know what I really want for my iPhone? Batch files. I want a pretty button on my main screen that, when I hit it, toggles on/off WiFi and Bluetooth, and then updates / synchs with iTunes (to include updates to apps); synchs mail, calendars, etc with my Mac; and then plays a nice little jingle when it’s all done, so I can press the button again and go back into battery-saving mode. Surely, I can’t be the only one with these kinds of wants – more than just this combo, but this capability. Why can’t we have this?

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The Dragon

I drive a 2006 Mini Cooper S. I am, in every sense, just your typical Mini owner, in that I am as fanatically obsessed with my Mini as the next guy or gal. I love my Mini. I love driving my Mini. And I love my Mini adventures. I’ve got a running list of adventures that I’ve had in my Mini. It looks something like this: * Going full throttle on the autobahn * Driving the Odenwald * Sunday drives the Black Forest / Schwarzwald * Driving the Black Forest from end to end * Driving Poppa Bear Point

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Some thoughts on music: music videos and iPods

So, I now have three iPod variants — a 2GB iPod shuffle, an 8GB iPod Touch, and a V1 iPhone. All play music. All synch from the same iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. The shuffle just does audio. I have a nice set of nested Smartplaylists that serve up music for me to listen to when running, which is pretty much all that I use the shuffle for. But the iTouch and the iPhone both play video. I have the same music library for them, but really, should I be loading audio? Or should I be loading music

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Movie: 30 Days of Night

How sad is my life? I can watch a decent vampire movie and think only how it compares to US Army doctrine for fighting an insurgency. 30 Days of Night came out last year, and came out on DVD this year. It’s yet another movie based on yet another graphic novel, like Wanted, like 300, like everything else. Barrow, Alaska is our most northern city, and in this fictional account of life in this small town, the 500 people there mostly leave for the 30 days a year when it’s all but dark all the time. On that last

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More iTunes oddities

So, I synched up my iTouch iPod. I told it to synch all of my music and all of my playlists. I specifically told it to synch no movies, no podcasts, no TV shows, etc. Just music. So, when it was done, it showed that it had synched all of the music — and a bunch of video. 500 MB worth. What did it synch? 30 podcast video files that met criteria to be included in one playlist or another. Even when I told it no video, and even when I told it no podcasts. Interesting. It lists to

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I need your help: iTunes, Smart Playlists, and Music Videos

I’m looking for some brain power help on this one. I’ve added a number of video files to my iTunes collection, mainly through this little trick of importing YouTube videos in Quicktime format via RSS. Some of the videos, though, are ones that I have downloaded (via Firefox) and converted with iSquint. iTunes recognizes them. They play just fine in iTunes. After getting them into iTunes, I got into their properties (Get Information) and change the video from Movie to Music Video. These files then filter through my integrated Smart Playlists just fine, and show up in my playlists


iPhone fun and games

Did I mention that, at dinner tonight, I downloaded, installed, and played Quake on my iPhone? It was incredible. No, not the actual gameplay — that was actually kind of crappy, given the controllers. But just being to do it. Wifi internet access, an unlocked iPhone, the right web address, and poof, I was in. I am sure that I looked like the complete fool at dinner, too. But it was a Taco Bell, so who the hell cares, anyway.

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When I was in Atlanta the other day, I stopped by the Apple store to talk about my new (to me) iPhone. It’s tax-free weekend here in GA, so the store was swamped.? So much so that they emptied out the nerds from the back to help customers up front.? I ended up with just such a nerd — a guy who toils away in the back repairing the broken things folks bring in. So, I asked him.? I keep my iPhone in this little pouch, but do I need something more to protect it?? Yes.? This. A hard

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Atlanta: What a weekend

I went up to Atlanta for the weekend.? Went to see A & T & their daughter, MacAttack.? T and I went to college, and being as it’s only 120+ miles to their house, it seemed to close to not do.? Awesome, awesome weekend. Let’s see. There was: 1.? The new iPhone. 2.? The trip to the mall. 3.? Dinner at Ted’s. 4.? A morning of unlocking the iPhone and T’s iTouch. 5.? A lazy afternoon of looking at the new iPhone like it’s a naked lady who moved in across the street. So, bear with me — this

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Around the web

I haven’t coughed up a summary of cool things from around the web for some time. I suppose it’s because I’m all about the RSS feed concept, and the fact that I have a couple of them. There’s this one, just for the stuff that I post to this site. There’s this one, which is all of the stuff that I bookmark and share and annotate as I read 100+ RSS feeds in Google Reader. Pretty much, I have stopped surfing the web, and instead I use Google Reader and these RSS feeds to bring the web to me.