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iPhone: When do we get batch files?

Know what I really want for my iPhone? Batch files. I want a pretty button on my main screen that, when I hit it, toggles on/off WiFi and Bluetooth, and then updates / synchs with iTunes (to include updates to apps); synchs mail, calendars, etc with my Mac; and then plays a nice little jingle when it’s all done, so I can press the button again and go back into battery-saving mode. Surely, I can’t be the only one with these kinds of wants – more than just this combo, but this capability. Why can’t we have this?

iPhone / iTouch / iTunes / etc.

Some thoughts on music: music videos and iPods

So, I now have three iPod variants — a 2GB iPod shuffle, an 8GB iPod Touch, and a V1 iPhone. All play music. All synch from the same iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. The shuffle just does audio. I have a nice set of nested Smartplaylists that serve up music for me to listen to when running, which is pretty much all that I use the shuffle for. But the iTouch and the iPhone both play video. I have the same music library for them, but really, should I be loading audio? Or should I be loading music

iPhone / iTouch / iTunes

More iTunes oddities

So, I synched up my iTouch iPod. I told it to synch all of my music and all of my playlists. I specifically told it to synch no movies, no podcasts, no TV shows, etc. Just music. So, when it was done, it showed that it had synched all of the music — and a bunch of video. 500 MB worth. What did it synch? 30 podcast video files that met criteria to be included in one playlist or another. Even when I told it no video, and even when I told it no podcasts. Interesting. It lists to

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When I was in Atlanta the other day, I stopped by the Apple store to talk about my new (to me) iPhone. It’s tax-free weekend here in GA, so the store was swamped.? So much so that they emptied out the nerds from the back to help customers up front.? I ended up with just such a nerd — a guy who toils away in the back repairing the broken things folks bring in. So, I asked him.? I keep my iPhone in this little pouch, but do I need something more to protect it?? Yes.? This. A hard

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Atlanta: What a weekend

I went up to Atlanta for the weekend.? Went to see A & T & their daughter, MacAttack.? T and I went to college, and being as it’s only 120+ miles to their house, it seemed to close to not do.? Awesome, awesome weekend. Let’s see. There was: 1.? The new iPhone. 2.? The trip to the mall. 3.? Dinner at Ted’s. 4.? A morning of unlocking the iPhone and T’s iTouch. 5.? A lazy afternoon of looking at the new iPhone like it’s a naked lady who moved in across the street. So, bear with me — this