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EyeTV Hybrid

I bought a new toy. And right about now, my wife is saying, “Oh, crap.” I bought an EyeTV Hybrid today, when we were at the Apple store up in Atlanta. I came home, loaded the software, plugged in the little USB Adapter, and then my cable TV cable into that. Poof, not just TV on my PC, but my MacBook Pro is now a DVR that spits things back out (automatically) in iPhone format. I rule. I totally rule.


iTunes 8 and “Genius”

Always on the cutting edge, I downloaded iTunes 8. What caught my eye was the new Genius feature. The idea is that you pick a song, and iTunes will comb through your music library and build a playlist for you around that song. If you like X, you’ll like Y and Z and so on . So, it’s a fake Last.FM just in iTunes instead. I decided to throw it a fastball — no kids stuff to get it going. I picked something I got from the iTunes store, but something off of the beaten path. I picked Rebel

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Automating from YouTube to my iPhone

I’ve had this crazy idea for a while now, and for some unknown reason, I started working on it tonight. I want to be able to surf around YouTube, find a video that I like, mark it in some way (probably as a favorite), and have it magically show up in my iTunes, ready to synch to my iPhone. I’ve figured out a bit of this using Yahoo Pipes. I can grab my YouTube favorites page, and can sift through it some using the Pipes tools. I’m trying to find how to pull from it just the URL’s for

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iPhone: When do we get batch files?

Know what I really want for my iPhone? Batch files. I want a pretty button on my main screen that, when I hit it, toggles on/off WiFi and Bluetooth, and then updates / synchs with iTunes (to include updates to apps); synchs mail, calendars, etc with my Mac; and then plays a nice little jingle when it’s all done, so I can press the button again and go back into battery-saving mode. Surely, I can’t be the only one with these kinds of wants – more than just this combo, but this capability. Why can’t we have this?

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Some thoughts on music: music videos and iPods

So, I now have three iPod variants — a 2GB iPod shuffle, an 8GB iPod Touch, and a V1 iPhone. All play music. All synch from the same iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. The shuffle just does audio. I have a nice set of nested Smartplaylists that serve up music for me to listen to when running, which is pretty much all that I use the shuffle for. But the iTouch and the iPhone both play video. I have the same music library for them, but really, should I be loading audio? Or should I be loading music

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More iTunes oddities

So, I synched up my iTouch iPod. I told it to synch all of my music and all of my playlists. I specifically told it to synch no movies, no podcasts, no TV shows, etc. Just music. So, when it was done, it showed that it had synched all of the music — and a bunch of video. 500 MB worth. What did it synch? 30 podcast video files that met criteria to be included in one playlist or another. Even when I told it no video, and even when I told it no podcasts. Interesting. It lists to

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I need your help: iTunes, Smart Playlists, and Music Videos

I’m looking for some brain power help on this one. I’ve added a number of video files to my iTunes collection, mainly through this little trick of importing YouTube videos in Quicktime format via RSS. Some of the videos, though, are ones that I have downloaded (via Firefox) and converted with iSquint. iTunes recognizes them. They play just fine in iTunes. After getting them into iTunes, I got into their properties (Get Information) and change the video from Movie to Music Video. These files then filter through my integrated Smart Playlists just fine, and show up in my playlists


Once around the world with iTunes and Smart Playlists

So, here we go. This is going to cover: How to tame your MP3’s and get them ready for every day use How to make a base radio station How to filter out stuff that you don’t want to hear How to add in stuff that you do want to hear Mood music: How to get your groove on Solving the problem: Too much from one artist Other neat tricks Why? Well, I think I know a little bit about Smart Playlists (and Boolean logic in general), and I find myself often offering up tips and tricks for how


Towards some better SmartPlaylists in iTunes

Been a social week for me, catching up with friends as I get ready to depart America again. Also been the week in which I bought another / new iPod. So many people seem to have them these days; Apple, iPods and iTunes seem to make for pretty common conversations. Some time ago, I wrote up my thoughts on how to leverage iTunes. I had wanted to rig it to play music smartly and semi-randomly, to, in essence, serve up a personalized radio station. My musical tastes are pretty eclectic, and our musical collection is a decent size. I