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The Club Runs

In moving West this August, I have immersed myself in the local Mini club. It’s what we do as Mini owners – we get together, we talk cars, we turn wrenches, we share meals, we go for drives. The Portland club has been around, in one form or another, for as long as the new generations of Minis has been. And with that, so have their organized run – planned events and drives, wherein someone marks out a route and leads others on a drive, usually because of the value of the route itself. Mini owners like curves, they

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One last Mini adventure: Ka’ena Point Satellite Tracking Station

The kids and I made one last Mini adventure today: Ka’ena Point Satellite Tracking Station. Me, at the far point. If you remember, about a month ago the kids and I went to ride bikes at Ka’ena Point State Park and had an awesome time. When we were doing that, I noticed some odd structures up on the ridge above the point itself — one of which looked like a giant golf ball. Look for the golf ball. Today, we went to that golf ball, and to pretty much all of the other stuff up there. A guy I

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Considering a Mini?

The wife and kids and I went to MINI to the Max at Aloha Tower on Sunday morning, here in Honolulu. It was a mix of a Mini car show, toy drive, and sales event for the local Mini dealership. It was sponsored by the dealership, the local Mini club (Hawaii Mini Motoring Club), and a few others. One thing I did get a chance to do there was talk about my Mini, and Minis in general. Not hard to do — I love my car, and I love the Mini. And I love my Mini adventures — I

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On Maui and Blogging

The wife and kids and I snuck off for a long weekend on Maui. We took the ferry over, which meant that we also got to take along Tess Turbo, the coolest Mini Cooper S in all the Pacific (if not the world). It was a fantastic trip. Truly. Great weekend. We were the guests of Robin and her family, who treated us like royalty and with whom we had a ball. (She blogged about the weekend, here. And the flubber recipe is here.) But this weekend made me think about a few things going on in my life.


HMMC and Tantalus

K and the kids and I headed off this AM for coffee with the Hawaii Mini Motoring Club. I’d been in touch with some of the gang online, so it was a chance to say hello and put faces to names, and to ask a ton of questions. Today was, apparently, the smallest gathering in known history. We counted maybe 15 or 18 Minis. Last month, they did a drive across the island — 51 Minis. While there, a few of the folks said, “Oh, you should go drive up to Tantalus. It’s really pretty.” So we did. K

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Tess Turbo is home

We went and got her from the port today. She’s got two new and tine scratches on the passenger door — the shipping folks acknowledged that the scratches are new, so we’ll work out something to get her fixed. It’s why we have insurance. I was thinking earlier that the arrival of Tess Turbo marks the closure of a pretty good summer of motoring. Since late August, Tess Turbo and I made it through the Nordschleife at the N?rburgring, across the Alps, onto a boat to Baltimore, across America to Kansas City via Hermann, MO, and then on to

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The Dragon

I drive a 2006 Mini Cooper S. I am, in every sense, just your typical Mini owner, in that I am as fanatically obsessed with my Mini as the next guy or gal. I love my Mini. I love driving my Mini. And I love my Mini adventures. I’ve got a running list of adventures that I’ve had in my Mini. It looks something like this: * Going full throttle on the autobahn * Driving the Odenwald * Sunday drives the Black Forest / Schwarzwald * Driving the Black Forest from end to end * Driving Poppa Bear Point

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Movie: The Italian Job

It only took 34 years to get around to making another Italian Job movie. What brought that about? The return of the Mini, of course. This isn’t a sequel, and it’s not a remake, per se. Mark Wahlberg plays Charlie, Donald Sutherland plays his mentor, and the ever beautiful Charlize Theron plays Steller, his daughter and Charlie’s love interest. They go to Italy with a crew to pull off one more job, the one that will let them all get out of the business. And they pull it off — only to have Ed Norton, as Steve, double cross

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Atlanta: What a weekend

I went up to Atlanta for the weekend.? Went to see A & T & their daughter, MacAttack.? T and I went to college, and being as it’s only 120+ miles to their house, it seemed to close to not do.? Awesome, awesome weekend. Let’s see. There was: 1.? The new iPhone. 2.? The trip to the mall. 3.? Dinner at Ted’s. 4.? A morning of unlocking the iPhone and T’s iTouch. 5.? A lazy afternoon of looking at the new iPhone like it’s a naked lady who moved in across the street. So, bear with me — this

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Baltimore to Jeff City

So, where was I?? Oh yeah — Baltimore. Wednesday night closed out well. JB and I went down the street to a tequila bar for some food and a drink (or two).? Yummy food, and wow, good drinks, er, I mean, drink.? Bartender took pity on us, I think, or at least found humor in serving up drinks, er, a drink to a guy who’d been living out of the country for so long. So.? Thursday.? Wow.? Drove a lot that day.? 600+ miles, from Baltimore to Louisville.? After two nights of about 4.5 hours of sleep each night.?