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On Gary Glitter

I ran across this just now, at CNN. A hit single by convicted pedophile Gary Glitter is to be removed from coursework for a British examination after complaints by child abuse campaigners. British children’s charity Kidscape said Monday the inclusion of “I’m The Leader Of The Gang” in a list of “related listening” for GCSE music coursework aimed at high school-aged students was inappropriate. The glam rocker’s name was spotted on briefing notes sent to teenagers by a school teacher who told The Sun newspaper he thought it was “completely inappropriate.” How many signers of the American Declaration of

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Movie: Sid & Nancy

I hadn’t even turned 10 when Sid Vicious died. 2/2/79. And I am really unsure why I even remember that date. The Sex Pistols were punk rock. I don’t know how else to describe them. They weren’t all that good — well, they had some good songs, but they also put out a lot of crap. But they were one part music, one part attitude, and one part culture. And the first to put the three together. Why did it all work? I think it was the era. Late 70’s, coming out of Vietnam and Korea, the rise of

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An Open Letter to Led Zeppelin

Guys, It sounds like you’re on the verge of announcing a tour. That’s great news. Please include Baghdad among the stops. It’d be a nice gesture, and it’d give me a hair of a chance of seeing you. Otherwise, I’d have to look at using my R&R to fly somewhere to see you guys, instead of going to Hawaii to see my family. I’d much rather use that time to see my family. Have you considered Honolulu? We’ve got a lanai — I could fire up the grill or something. Please bring Dave Grohl with you. That’d be nice.

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Some thoughts on music: music videos and iPods

So, I now have three iPod variants — a 2GB iPod shuffle, an 8GB iPod Touch, and a V1 iPhone. All play music. All synch from the same iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. The shuffle just does audio. I have a nice set of nested Smartplaylists that serve up music for me to listen to when running, which is pretty much all that I use the shuffle for. But the iTouch and the iPhone both play video. I have the same music library for them, but really, should I be loading audio? Or should I be loading music


Compact Discs

This is rhetorical, I know. Why can’t my music CD be more powerful? When I buy a DVD and throw it in my DVD player (not computer, just regular old DVD player), I often find that I have options. Full screen, or letter box? Theatrical cut, or Director’s Cut? With audio commentary over the movie, or not? English, Spanish, or Portuguese? PG-13, or R? As best I can tell, there’s a core of data in there, and then other stuff is added or removed on the fly — but all based upon that core data on the disk. Why