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If not Handbrake, what?

Got a DVD that is just plain ornery? Won’t submit to the power of Handbrake? You’ve found an oddity, for sure. Handbrake is known for being able to chew through just about anything. Sure enough, though, I came across one such SOB yesterday. It would kill Handbrake every time I asked it to even look at it. Forget actually converting it — Handbrake would barf up a hairball and quit just scanning this DVD. So, I turned the job over to Mac The Ripper, to convert the DVD to files on my hard drive. Then I asked Toast 9

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Quake, Quake II, Open Arena, and Nexuiz

Yesterday, I made mention of Quake, Quake II, and Open Arena. A day later, I need to say more. I grew up around Macs, but moreso around PC’s after I got into high school. I think I did a decent job of staying fluent in Mac-speak, though, as I always found a way to “need” to use them, be it in the lab for school or laying out newspapers or magazines. It helped that I married a graphic designer; from then on, we always had a Mac in the house, no matter how many PC’s we had, too. But

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Getting ready for the weekend: Quake

Years ago, when it first came out, I downloaded the demo for a game called Quake. I was visiting my folks, and I downloaded and installed it on my dad’s machine. It was awesome. Fantastic. When I headed off for my first duty station in Germany, every one in a while, me and the boys would get together for Nerdfest — a Saturday of beer and bratwurst and Quake. Not sure why, but I decided to check online for an OS X version. The game had been released under the GPL some time ago, and I figured that someone

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Becoming a Mac User

Here’s what I use most often. I’d made a couple of additions, at the bottom. They are worth looking at, too. Apimac timer * No kidding, I use it when I do laundry. Audacity * I’m more comfortable with it than garage band. Caffeine * It keeps your laptop from going to sleep or powering down. Perfect when you’re working at a desk or are powered up. Cyberduck * FTP program Firefox * Web browser. Flickr Uploadr * It, uh…. yeah. Gimp * Open Source Photoshop. Google Earth * Mmmmm, satellite imagery and geospatial goodies. Google Updater * Keeps