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I need your help: iTunes, Smart Playlists, and Music Videos

I’m looking for some brain power help on this one. I’ve added a number of video files to my iTunes collection, mainly through this little trick of importing YouTube videos in Quicktime format via RSS. Some of the videos, though, are ones that I have downloaded (via Firefox) and converted with iSquint. iTunes recognizes them. They play just fine in iTunes. After getting them into iTunes, I got into their properties (Get Information) and change the video from Movie to Music Video. These files then filter through my integrated Smart Playlists just fine, and show up in my playlists

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Around the web

I haven’t coughed up a summary of cool things from around the web for some time. I suppose it’s because I’m all about the RSS feed concept, and the fact that I have a couple of them. There’s this one, just for the stuff that I post to this site. There’s this one, which is all of the stuff that I bookmark and share and annotate as I read 100+ RSS feeds in Google Reader. Pretty much, I have stopped surfing the web, and instead I use Google Reader and these RSS feeds to bring the web to me.