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Week 5

I made it through another week, injury free. That, though, is getting tougher as the lunar month comes to a close this week and the moon goes away. Running it darkness can be awesome, but it can be tough on ankles. After five weeks of running, I am .29 miles ahead of the training plan. Not too bad. It’s always give and take with me — lots of little days of just a pinch more than required, and then the one or two days where I come up short a mile or two. My shortfall was the other week


Week 4: A good week in running

Running is serving as a very good distraction these days. This week, I closed out my crazy sleep cycle, and am going to a 0300-1500ish work shift, probably for the rest of my time here in Iraq. Not that it hasn’t been nice to be awake 18 hours of the day, throughout the day and the night — it’s just that it’ll be a little different to sleep, you know, more regular hours. On the 19th, I had rolled my ankle off of the side of the road when running. I was less than 2 miles into a 3


Weeks 2 & 3

I’m still running. Believe it or now, what with everything that is going on, I am still hitting the road for miles in hoping for being ready for Honolulu in December. It’s going only OK. I am running at night, almost exclusively at or after midnight. And I am trying along the side of the roads — and once a week, at least, stepping on the edge, rolling my ankle, and hurting it. My ankles are in pretty bad shape right now. I can still lace up and running straight on ’em, but rotational stuff hurts some. They’ll bounce

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Week 1

Rough week, with a lot of work, maybe not enough sleep, a lot of emails about the side project and, oh yeah, some running. Good running. At night, too, which helps with the heat. 3 x 3 miles, 1 x 6 miles. The 6 mile run (last night) featured some pretty strong winds, which killed my pace. But I ran, which is good enough. I wanted to post a link to a file I whipped up, for training for a marathon. It’s an Excel file (here) and it’s all geek. It’s built on the Hal Higdon novice marathon training

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Running Adventures

I would encurage you to spend some of your summer free time following the tale of Jack. He lives and runs south of our old place in Heidelberg, and this year he’s running big. Running big. As in he did a 50km / 30 mile run this week. He ran for — are you ready for this? — 5 and a half hours. I don’t even like to watch TV for that long. And did I mention that he blogs in German and in English, or that from time to time he runs with his camera in order to

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So, yeah. Bird Day. Three things: 1) I am thankful for my wife. Wow, she puts up with a ton of crap, just because I choose to be in the Army. I could make decent money, if I wasn’t in the Army. I could come home at a decent hour, if I wasn’t in the Army. I’d be home right now, if I wasn’t in the Army. I’ve come dangerously close, time and time again, to putting the needs of the Army ahead of the needs of my wife and my family. Time and time again, the Army has

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A Monday Morning Run

Off from work, I headed out for a short run today. After loading my iPod and Garmin, I opted at the last minute to grab a camera as I headed out the door. And I’m glad I did. I ended up taking close to a hundred photos over the 50 or so minutes it took to run the 5.25 miles. Photos are on Flickr, here — only a couple of them are restricted to family / friends. I also fired up Google Earth and made a file about the run — and embedded links to some of the photos.


4 Miles

I ran yesterday.? First time since the half marathon.? Ran the same route this AM — and found out that it’s a hair under 4 miles.? I was shooting for 3.? Yesterday, I had three kids on bikes with me.? Today, I had rain.? I think I prefer the rain, but not by much. I thought I’d hit a bunch of small runs, and see how the heels hold up.? So far, so good. I’m also running slow — 9 minute miles.? And yes, it’s killing me to run just 4 miles.? I’d just as soon do a 10k


Week 14: Back up the Humpback

33.22 miles this week. 5.01 on Tuesday, 9 on Wednesday, 5.04 on Thursday, and then 14.17 today. Total running time was 5 hours, 15 minutes, and 5 seconds. I averaged 9 and a half minute miles this week, but only managed 10:15 for the run today. I burned 5363 calories running this week, of which 2286 was from the run today. Ready for the best part? Total ascent was 5269 feet, of which 3207 was today. Any wonder why I only managed 10:14 minutes per mile today? I did seven miles straight up, and then turned around and did


26.2 Miles

I did the math today. I can train up (easily) for the ING marathon in Luxembourg, in May. Wow. That’s it. I’ve picked one. I told the wife — we’ve cleared the weekend to go. I’m going to do it. Picking the date was actually one of the harder things. Well, picking the date and the location. The way I see it, I am planning on doing just one marathon in my life — this one. It needs to be here in Europe, and it needs to be special. I started with Google. I did some reading and looking,


Some changes

A while ago, I took some steps to clean up and simplify my life. One nice by-product of that has been my ability to resume running. I’ve spent my summer running — and it’s been great. I had to start off slow — a couple of mornings a week, two or three miles — but have been working up to longer runs. In late September, I ran my first ten kilometer race in I don’t even know how long. And I didn’t die doing it. Saturday, I decided that really, I needed to try running 20 km. 12.something miles.