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The sound of gunfire

Alone, I can’t change American culture and this strange relationship we have with guns and ammunition. There are so many different things that America could do, to change the levels of gun violence in America, and the numbers of events of school shootings in our country. But this isn’t small problem, these solutions aren’t tiny ones, either, and I’m afraid that I haven’t come upon one yet that I can implement myself, which will bring national, regional, or cultural change. But what I can do is model the behavior I want to see. The behavior I want to see in

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As we use to say, History is Written By the Winners

I still love that quote, from George Orwell. It was the title of a column he wrote in 1944, you can read it here. I bring it up because China – the People’s Republic of China, or as it’s also called, Communist China – just celebrated the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender and the end of World War II. The Atlantic, and one of my favorite features they do, In Focus, has great photos up that relate to both this topic, and this great quote from Orwell.


The news and the campaigns

News reporting takes on such a strange shape during campaign season in America. I ran across an article on the NY Times website yesterday, just after it was published. “State Department Redacts Material Deemed Sensitive in Hillary Clinton’s Emails” was the title, and I saw it published since I subscribe to the RSS feed for the NY Times headlines.  But the headlines, and the article, didn’t stay that way. They changed, significantly.

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On Gary Glitter

I ran across this just now, at CNN. A hit single by convicted pedophile Gary Glitter is to be removed from coursework for a British examination after complaints by child abuse campaigners. British children’s charity Kidscape said Monday the inclusion of “I’m The Leader Of The Gang” in a list of “related listening” for GCSE music coursework aimed at high school-aged students was inappropriate. The glam rocker’s name was spotted on briefing notes sent to teenagers by a school teacher who told The Sun newspaper he thought it was “completely inappropriate.” How many signers of the American Declaration of

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On the elections

Now what? Over dinner, I asked the wife what she thought would happen, now that it looks like SEN Obama will be the next US President and the Democrats are taking increased control of the House and the Senate. As we tossed around ideas, I found that a lot of the things I was pondering were things for Congress to do, not the President. They were things that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi could have been having the House work on all this time, during this past couple of years when the Democrats controlled Congress while the GOP had President Bush

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Gays in America: The Tipping Point

I read an interesting article in the USA Today. The article was on the death of Del Martin, a longtime gay rights activist. She is often cited as having played a critical role in changing gay rights, ultimately leading to legalized marriage for all in California. In reading the article, one thing struck me: In 100 years, when people study the history of this era, what will they see as being the tipping point for the change in the role of gays and the view of homosexuality in our society? I wonder. I’m not sure it was any one