2016 and the Drones

I spent much of this fall semester diving back into drones, drone technology, and policies related to drones. This was, in large part, because I had agreed to take on leading this cohort of undergrads through an internship regarding drones starting next month, and it’s about all things drones. I have a solid background in drones – well, I tell myself that – but I really needed to bear down and ensure I had maintained my subject matter expertise in the whole of the subject. Nobody wants a professor who sort of knows the material. I don’t want to

Iran / Iraq / Syria / etc.

Frontline: The Secret History of ISIS

It is good to see organizations like PBS take on the history of ISIS, with their piece this week, The Secret History of ISIS. It’s not horrible, and it’s good to see that they were able to interview some of the key players – original sources matter. You should make time to watch it; it’s about 45 minutes in length, and it will stream on just about any device. Three things, though, after you watch it. 1) Frontline does a good job of pointing out that Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) / Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) had been


Apple and the FBI: Trailblazing

The FBI has asked Apple to develop the means to unencrypt the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the participants in the 02 December 2015 shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. Farook had a county-issued iPhone 5C, with which he used the iOS included advanced encryption options available to every user meant to serve as a safeguard to the data physically on the phone. Farook also backed up some of his data to an iCloud account – typically address, calendar, to-do list types of information – but the FBI asserts that it cannot access all of

Intelligence / Terrorism

An Al Qaeda Victory: The Narrative in America

Al Qaeda has, as a long term objective, the destruction of America and the removal of the Crusaders and Jews from the Arab world.? This is a pre-cursor to the re-establishment of the Caliphate, an Islamic state for the Middle East if not the world, that would adhere to the core tenants of the Islamic faith from the time of Mohammad.? There are things, though, that America and Americans should be looking for, key indicators of the threat to the United States. Al Qaeda would like to see the United States destroyed.? Short of that, Al Qaeda wants to