TV: What’s wrong with America

So, now that I have my new EyeTV Hybrid installed and running, I have the TV on. What a novelty. I found a Law & Order SVU episode on — one of my favorite ones, called Obscene. From season 06, it aired 12 October 2004. So what? They’ve edited the sound. There are words now that are being omitted. Yep. A show that was made for TV, that has aired on TV, that passed all of the standards for being aired on TV, but now the network (UPN) thinks that the dialog is not OK. It was OK before.

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EyeTV Hybrid

I bought a new toy. And right about now, my wife is saying, “Oh, crap.” I bought an EyeTV Hybrid today, when we were at the Apple store up in Atlanta. I came home, loaded the software, plugged in the little USB Adapter, and then my cable TV cable into that. Poof, not just TV on my PC, but my MacBook Pro is now a DVR that spits things back out (automatically) in iPhone format. I rule. I totally rule.


Twin Peaks: Free, like beer

This past week, I’ve mentioned both my desire to be able to port favorites from YouTube right into my iPhone, and how The Fifth Element is legally posted on the web, for all to see. There’s more, of course. How about this: every episode of the TV series Twin Peaks? That’s not working for you? How about The Love Boat, or Melrose Place, or MacGyver? The original Star Trek series? CBS is doing it right, putting great older stuff online for all to watch for free. More, here.


Battlestar Galactica

The wife and I are catching up on our television, now that we’re back in America and getting settled in after our moves. And one of those things we’re catching up on is BSG. Kristin and I were both old enough to have watched the show in its first iteration, back in the day. We didn’t start watching the new version of it when it started, as we were in Germany. But we’ve been watching it this year, and when it came to move, we had watched the first three seasons, the extras, the web based clips, and the