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If not Handbrake, what?

Got a DVD that is just plain ornery? Won’t submit to the power of Handbrake? You’ve found an oddity, for sure. Handbrake is known for being able to chew through just about anything. Sure enough, though, I came across one such SOB yesterday. It would kill Handbrake every time I asked it to even look at it. Forget actually converting it — Handbrake would barf up a hairball and quit just scanning this DVD. So, I turned the job over to Mac The Ripper, to convert the DVD to files on my hard drive. Then I asked Toast 9

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Some thoughts on music: music videos and iPods

So, I now have three iPod variants — a 2GB iPod shuffle, an 8GB iPod Touch, and a V1 iPhone. All play music. All synch from the same iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. The shuffle just does audio. I have a nice set of nested Smartplaylists that serve up music for me to listen to when running, which is pretty much all that I use the shuffle for. But the iTouch and the iPhone both play video. I have the same music library for them, but really, should I be loading audio? Or should I be loading music