The things you love

Our discussion today was about happiness. How do you find happiness in 40+ hours of the same thing, day in, day out, week in, week out. Don’t find a job, find a profession. Embrace the whole of it, not just the job you have today. Be ready to take on and embrace all the different facets, over the course of your career – fuel the passion of it all. Yes, do all of the other important stuff – love, hobbies, exercise, pay cash, eat better. But find the profession first, so you can have jobs within it. Bad boss?


What an oath

In being commissioned, an Army requirement was that I have an officer administer to me the oath. The oath – the United States Uniformed Services Oath of Office. That official thing. The officer could be on active duty or retired – it did not matter. I called Kristin’s grandfather and asked him if he was available. Eric was a retired Army officer – Infantry – having served in the California National Guard after being commissioned through the then-new Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program at the University of California, Los Angeles. Actually, though an Infantry officer, he had initially been assigned


Pipiwai Trail

I tell people now that I use to run some. I often get odd looks when I say these things. Not that I was ever really a runner, but I put in some miles. Sometimes, I try to explain the link between running and that period in my life – when I was bouncing back and forth between Iraq, stress levels were high, and I was here and there between the islands, the mainland, and Europe and the Middle East. I ran everywhere. There was that day, when we made a trip out to the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o,


On commercial drones: in and out of out control

As we get ready to start into another semester, my head is again filled with thoughts of drones. Spring – when the drones return to campus, like the swallows to Capistrano, and I get all excited about drones. Weighing heavy on my mind is where we stand with our not-so-new administration, and policy for the commercial use of drones in support of deliveries especially. Something is going to have to give, to change, if this is going to become “a thing” for US businesses, especially big businesses like Amazon. Under the Obama administration, the US went from no rules

Congress / Intelligence / Politics / etc.

The President under investigation

I have continued to watch the news with regard to the Russian intelligence operations against the US elections in 2016, part of which included cyber operations but also clearly included good ol’ human intelligence operations. I’ve continued to watch, in part for the sadness over how this is continuing to impact our country, our House and Senate, and our new administration, but also out of professional curiosity – I am these days teaching counterintelligence to undergraduates and graduate students. One thing that continues to amaze me is the Trump’s obsession with being told that he isn’t under investigation, even

Intelligence / Military / Politics

Looking Back: 8 Years of an Obama Administration

I have been recently reflecting on what these last eight years have meant, and in part on how I think they will written in the history books. Reflection is, after all, an important tool for me – I’ve written about that before. But with my 25 years in the intelligence field, and my current work teaching intelligence, security studies, and a lot of topics related to policy to undergraduate and graduate students, I have and continue to spend time thinking about decision and policy makers. History is going to judge them. History is going to make judgement about these