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Frontline: The Secret History of ISIS

It is good to see organizations like PBS take on the history of ISIS, with their piece this week, The Secret History of ISIS. It’s not horrible, and it’s good to see that they were able to interview some of the key players – original sources matter. You should make time to watch it; it’s about 45 minutes in length, and it will stream on just about any device. Three things, though, after you watch it. 1) Frontline does a good job of pointing out that Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) / Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) had been

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Critical Variables of the Contemporary Operational Environment

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri?s 2005 letter to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq addressed the information, social, and time critical variables of the contemporary operational environment. Zawahiri, as a senior leader and chief strategist for Al Qaeda and the pan-Salafist movement, used the letter as a means to offer guidance to Zarqawi, whom he viewed as a senior tactician but junior strategist. Zawahiri is a longtime Mujahid. He began his involvement in the Salafist movement in his home country of Egypt, as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and later with the umbrella organization al-Jihad, or the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. By