What an oath

In being commissioned, an Army requirement was that I have an officer administer to me the oath. The oath – the United States Uniformed Services Oath of Office. That official thing. The officer could be on active duty or retired – it did not matter. I called Kristin’s grandfather and asked him if he was available. Eric was a retired Army officer – Infantry – having served in the California National Guard after being commissioned through the then-new Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program at the University of California, Los Angeles. Actually, though an Infantry officer, he had initially been assigned

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Top Winter Survival Tools and Tactics

In keeping with all the recent press and concerns about safety this winter, I thought it high-time I shared my thoughts about winter survival this year. 1. Dress appropriately. Good grief, Charlie Brown — so many terrible accidents could be prevented if people would just learn to dress appropriately for the conditions. That shirt can come off it’s too hot, and with that color, it can be left just about anywhere on this island and it will be perfectly camouflaged — perfect for stashing and retrieving later. And those long baggy shorts? It things just get out of hand,

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Celebrating Festivus

I celebrated Festivus today. And I am better off for it, too. If you’re not familiar with this great holiday, well, go read the Wikipedia article. Also, go watch the Seinfeld episode, The Strike. I aired my grievances. I’ve been feeling like Don Quixote lately, charging at windmills with no chance of ever defeating them. So, I let go. I got out my ubiquitous little green book, opened to a new page, and started a new section: Things I Am Not Working On And I started to list them. I just let them go. And damn, did it feel

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When in Iraq: How to End This Year on a High!

Inspired by this. Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek. 1. Review the year that is about to end. Write down some of the highlights of all the good things that happened to you. Be sure to include all the basics like no more dishes, not choosing what to wear, never choosing shat’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or fond memories of yesteryear when you only had an 8 hour work day. 2. Share and celebrate your successes this year with your family and friends. Oh, wait. OK, try celebrating it with a bunch of semi-strangers who are armed to the teeth, amped