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iPhones, locations, and the dreaded curse of… Windows

My sister asked me for help, and I am at a loss for answers. Their friend took an iPhone to Europe, and took a lot of photos as they traveled. When they view and edit the photos on the iPhone, the phone displays the embedded geolocation information (in the form of latitude / longitude) with an approximation of the nearest city of town – Bergen, Norway, as an example.


iPhone 2.1 and Quickpwn

I decided to bite the bullet tonight and upgrade the software on my iPhone. Doing that, of course, re-locks the phone and means that my SIM chip and phone number won’t work. Which is fine — I can unlock it / jailbreak it. Why upgrade the software if it re-locks it and means I have to re-jailbreak it? Well, version 2.1 is said to impact battery life. Which is good. When the upgrades come out, I don’t do them immediately, but wait to read 1) what’s in the upgrade (and is it worth it), and 2) how many hours

iPhone / iTouch / iTunes

iPhone: When do we get batch files?

Know what I really want for my iPhone? Batch files. I want a pretty button on my main screen that, when I hit it, toggles on/off WiFi and Bluetooth, and then updates / synchs with iTunes (to include updates to apps); synchs mail, calendars, etc with my Mac; and then plays a nice little jingle when it’s all done, so I can press the button again and go back into battery-saving mode. Surely, I can’t be the only one with these kinds of wants – more than just this combo, but this capability. Why can’t we have this?

iPhone / iTouch


When I was in Atlanta the other day, I stopped by the Apple store to talk about my new (to me) iPhone. It’s tax-free weekend here in GA, so the store was swamped.? So much so that they emptied out the nerds from the back to help customers up front.? I ended up with just such a nerd — a guy who toils away in the back repairing the broken things folks bring in. So, I asked him.? I keep my iPhone in this little pouch, but do I need something more to protect it?? Yes.? This. A hard