PowerBook Pro

Becoming a Mac User

Here’s what I use most often. I’d made a couple of additions, at the bottom. They are worth looking at, too. Apimac timer * No kidding, I use it when I do laundry. Audacity * I’m more comfortable with it than garage band. Caffeine * It keeps your laptop from going to sleep or powering down. Perfect when you’re working at a desk or are powered up. Cyberduck * FTP program Firefox * Web browser. Flickr Uploadr * It, uh…. yeah. Gimp * Open Source Photoshop. Google Earth * Mmmmm, satellite imagery and geospatial goodies. Google Updater * Keeps

iTunes / TV

EyeTV Hybrid

I bought a new toy. And right about now, my wife is saying, “Oh, crap.” I bought an EyeTV Hybrid today, when we were at the Apple store up in Atlanta. I came home, loaded the software, plugged in the little USB Adapter, and then my cable TV cable into that. Poof, not just TV on my PC, but my MacBook Pro is now a DVR that spits things back out (automatically) in iPhone format. I rule. I totally rule.


iTunes 8 and “Genius”

Always on the cutting edge, I downloaded iTunes 8. What caught my eye was the new Genius feature. The idea is that you pick a song, and iTunes will comb through your music library and build a playlist for you around that song. If you like X, you’ll like Y and Z and so on . So, it’s a fake Last.FM just in iTunes instead. I decided to throw it a fastball — no kids stuff to get it going. I picked something I got from the iTunes store, but something off of the beaten path. I picked Rebel

iPhone / iTunes

Automating from YouTube to my iPhone

I’ve had this crazy idea for a while now, and for some unknown reason, I started working on it tonight. I want to be able to surf around YouTube, find a video that I like, mark it in some way (probably as a favorite), and have it magically show up in my iTunes, ready to synch to my iPhone. I’ve figured out a bit of this using Yahoo Pipes. I can grab my YouTube favorites page, and can sift through it some using the Pipes tools. I’m trying to find how to pull from it just the URL’s for

iPhone / iTouch / iTunes

iPhone: When do we get batch files?

Know what I really want for my iPhone? Batch files. I want a pretty button on my main screen that, when I hit it, toggles on/off WiFi and Bluetooth, and then updates / synchs with iTunes (to include updates to apps); synchs mail, calendars, etc with my Mac; and then plays a nice little jingle when it’s all done, so I can press the button again and go back into battery-saving mode. Surely, I can’t be the only one with these kinds of wants – more than just this combo, but this capability. Why can’t we have this?