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On Travel and The Modern Era

In about 48 hours, I went from my living room on Oahu, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to sitting at a picnic table in Kuwait City, just inland from the northern tip of the Persian Gulf. Is it just me, or do others think that this is truly amazing? In 1932, my grandmother went to LA to go to the Olympics. Reading her account, it sounds as if that trip took more effort than the American effort to put someone on the moon. But today, in less than 2 days, I can move clear around the world,


No, thank you

I tried to go to my account page for Skype ([my account]). This site is blocked according to the Kuwaiti Government filtering guidelines. If you feel this page has been blocked in error kindly fill out the form and we will investigate. It is with your feedback that we can avoid future errors. Thank you Same thing happens at, too. Interesting.