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Retiring another pair of shoes

Back in April, I retired a pair of Nike Pegasus running shoes (here). I had put over 1,000 miles on them. Yes, one thousand. 1,012, actually. Good shoes, they lasted pretty well, and it was splits in the fabric along the sides that eventually did them in. I was pretty pleased with that pair. 1,000 miles – that seems like a good amount for a pair of shoes, all the more so when I thought about how Nike and the shoe businesses would like me to replace my running shoes every 300 miles. Sure, I wasn’t running barefoot, but


Week 4: A good week in running

Running is serving as a very good distraction these days. This week, I closed out my crazy sleep cycle, and am going to a 0300-1500ish work shift, probably for the rest of my time here in Iraq. Not that it hasn’t been nice to be awake 18 hours of the day, throughout the day and the night — it’s just that it’ll be a little different to sleep, you know, more regular hours. On the 19th, I had rolled my ankle off of the side of the road when running. I was less than 2 miles into a 3