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Looking Back: 8 Years of an Obama Administration

I have been recently reflecting on what these last eight years have meant, and in part on how I think they will written in the history books. Reflection is, after all, an important tool for me – I’ve written about that before. But with my 25 years in the intelligence field, and my current work teaching intelligence, security studies, and a lot of topics related to policy to undergraduate and graduate students, I have and continue to spend time thinking about decision and policy makers. History is going to judge them. History is going to make judgement about these

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Syria, Iran, and low hanging fruit

So, there’s a new President-elect. The easy thing would be say, “Watch how he engages Iran (or North Korea)” as the indicator of where we are going as a nation. Nah. That’s too easy. Watch how he handles Syria. Iran and North Korea — those are both already boiling. Those are the obvious and easy ones to deal with. Those are, as we say, 5 meter targets. Greatness will be found in building a solid relationship with Syria, as Syria has a finger in both Lebanon and Iraq. If he gets picked up for a second term, watch for

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On the elections

Now what? Over dinner, I asked the wife what she thought would happen, now that it looks like SEN Obama will be the next US President and the Democrats are taking increased control of the House and the Senate. As we tossed around ideas, I found that a lot of the things I was pondering were things for Congress to do, not the President. They were things that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi could have been having the House work on all this time, during this past couple of years when the Democrats controlled Congress while the GOP had President Bush