About Leelah

Leelah Alcorn killed herself on Sunday. Her family wouldn’t accept her for her she was. Her suicide note, left on Tumblr, is sad, tragic, pointed, and making a lot of people emotional and judgmental. I sent to my own two kids this article and told them I wanted to talk about this article after they’d read it. And, separately, I talked with each of them, telling them two things. 1. As parents, we have unconditional love for them. Our job is to help guide them in their journey to become awesome adults and responsible citizens, but is just that


Movie: Juno

There are still some things I need to do. At some point, I’ll need to compile the Top Ten and Bottom Ten lists of movies I have seen this summer. Juno, I strongly suspect, will be in that Top Ten list. Juno is a teenager who, out of boredom, sleeps with her friend Paulie. He’s in love with her — always has been, always will be. He follows her around like a puppy. Always has, always will. She briefly consider an abortion, but decides to have the child. She finds a couple — Mark and Vanessa Loring (played by