iPhone / Photography

iPhones, locations, and the dreaded curse of… Windows

My sister asked me for help, and I am at a loss for answers. Their friend took an iPhone to Europe, and took a lot of photos as they traveled. When they view and edit the photos on the iPhone, the phone displays the embedded geolocation information (in the form of latitude / longitude) with an approximation of the nearest city of town – Bergen, Norway, as an example.

44 Days / Army

They’re just pictures

But they’re not. The NY Times has a piece today, talking about whether the new Obama administration will change the policy on photos of the caskets of dead soldiers coming home from the war front. After all, the caskets really do show the human cost of this long, long war. And they’re just photos. The photos are what they are. But they’re not just photos. I am unsure if I can really capture in words just how I feel about this. Those aren’t photos, those are men and women making one last journey. In the summer of 2003, when