Quake 2

Something I never thought I’d say: Just finished Quake 2. I got the game when it came out — Xmas, 1997. Eleven years ago. I had played the original Quake into the ground — I had downloaded the demo when it came out, gotten the full version when it was released, and found the online community of extras (more maps, etc). So, Quake 2 seemed like a good idea. Hmmm. Not so much.

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Quake, Quake II, Open Arena, and Nexuiz

Yesterday, I made mention of Quake, Quake II, and Open Arena. A day later, I need to say more. I grew up around Macs, but moreso around PC’s after I got into high school. I think I did a decent job of staying fluent in Mac-speak, though, as I always found a way to “need” to use them, be it in the lab for school or laying out newspapers or magazines. It helped that I married a graphic designer; from then on, we always had a Mac in the house, no matter how many PC’s we had, too. But

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Getting ready for the weekend: Quake

Years ago, when it first came out, I downloaded the demo for a game called Quake. I was visiting my folks, and I downloaded and installed it on my dad’s machine. It was awesome. Fantastic. When I headed off for my first duty station in Germany, every one in a while, me and the boys would get together for Nerdfest — a Saturday of beer and bratwurst and Quake. Not sure why, but I decided to check online for an OS X version. The game had been released under the GPL some time ago, and I figured that someone


iPhone fun and games

Did I mention that, at dinner tonight, I downloaded, installed, and played Quake on my iPhone? It was incredible. No, not the actual gameplay — that was actually kind of crappy, given the controllers. But just being to do it. Wifi internet access, an unlocked iPhone, the right web address, and poof, I was in. I am sure that I looked like the complete fool at dinner, too. But it was a Taco Bell, so who the hell cares, anyway.