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Before You Separate from the Army, Fix Your Records

I retired from the Army this spring. I didn’t want to. I had more years of service to the national left in me, more cans of whoop-ass, more things I could and wanted to do for the nation, for the Army, for the Soldiers with whom I was having the honor of serving. It wasn’t my choice. The Army said it was time. It’s also that time now when more of my peers are being told the same thing. Thanks, but it’s time to retire. Here are things I learned during my process, things they can and should considering


19 years, 7 months, 28 days

That’s it. Today was my last day on active duty in the United States Army. Today is also the 20 year anniversary of the day I signed my enlistment contract, and twenty years and a day after Kristin agreed that we should marry. I think this is where and when I am suppose to wax-nostalgic and blubber on about these twenty years, but today is only a milestone. Things aren’t stopping. There’s still shit to do. We still have great kids to raise. My amazing wife is still by my side, and we have many more adventures ahead of