2016 and the Drones

I spent much of this fall semester diving back into drones, drone technology, and policies related to drones. This was, in large part, because I had agreed to take on leading this cohort of undergrads through an internship regarding drones starting next month, and it’s about all things drones. I have a solid background in drones – well, I tell myself that – but I really needed to bear down and ensure I had maintained my subject matter expertise in the whole of the subject. Nobody wants a professor who sort of knows the material. I don’t want to

History / Intelligence / Military / etc.

The train derailment in Russia

CNN is just now starting to talk about a 1.5 meter by 1 meter hole under the railbed, and Russian assertions that — gasp! — this tragic accident may not be an accident but indeed the work of (dum, dum, DUM!) terrorists. Well, of course it’s terrorism. Investigators have shown up and have begun to ask questions of the locals — have there been strangers in the area recently? Maybe Chechens? Or some other terrorists from the North Caucasus region? I have no doubt that it’s terrorism, and would not be surprised in the least if it turns out


Movie: Traitor

Tess and I went out to the movies tonight. Needed to sneak one more in, before we head out tomorrow to see about putting her on a boat to Hawaii. We went and saw Traitor, because Sarah said to. Sarah — good call. Traitor is a modern day thriller. It stars Don Cheadle as Shamir, an America on the run with the bad guys and being chased by the FBI (Guy Pearce plays the lead FBI chaser). Shamir is Muslin, born in Yemen and at least for a while raised by his Muslim-cleric father, until his father is killed.


Movie: Munich

I am out of Luc Besson assassin films.? Two is enough, I should think. How do you feel about mistakes? Munich, for me, is all about mistakes. After the massacre of Israeli athletes at the ’72 Olympics, Israel put together a team to hunt down and kill those who planned and executed the massacre.? The team — two from Israel, one from Germany, one from Belgium, and one from South Africa — has free reign and nothing but cash to use in independently hunting down their targets.? They have to gather (or buy) their own intelligence, acquire their own